Group 42 Notes

My collection of notes on things I’m interested in or work with.

This isn’t a exhaustive reference on any given topic. It’s my way of retaining a reference or distilling knowledge. It’s online so I can easily find it and, to a lessor extent, have a reference link for colleagues. If you find it helpful, all the better; I like paying it forward when I can.

Audio Craft The technical craft of audio recording, editing, and the equipment used. Some overlap with REAPER.
Bash Mostly a collection of programming references for the Unix Bash Unix command line shell
DDEV DDEV is a fantastic utility that uses Docker to provide a containerized development environment for popular content management systems.
Drupal Notes and code examples
Drupal 7 My collection of notes from working with Drupal 7. It includes snapshots of my old Group 42 Technical Reference pages.
Drupal 6 A snap shot of my Group 42 Drupal 6 Technical Reference pages.
Git A collection of command references and articles for the Git revision control system
Homebrew A set of reminder notes for using the Brew 3rd party Macintosh package manager
JavaScript A collection of links and references on programming in JavaScript.
Journalism A collection of links and information on committing journalism.
PHP Composer A collection of links and references on using PHP Composer.
Programming Practice A collection of articles and references around programming and tools.
Python A collection of links and references on programming in Python.
REAPER REAPER is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering.
Unix/Linux/MacOS A collection of Unix/Linux notes and references.
WordPress The WordPress content management system (CMS) is used for a significant number of sites on the Internet. My collection of notes and other information from working with WordPress.