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Admin Toolbar
Gin Toolbar

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Better Exposed Filters
Config Pages Context handling is weird and documentation is sparse, but handy for quickly setting up configuration pages for things that can live in the database.
Corresponding Entity References Beta release, not covered by security policy.
Chaos Tool Suite (ctools) Is a requirement of so many modules it typically gets installed as a dependancy.
Extra Field
H5P Drupal integration of
Linkit Adds an autocomplete field to the CKEditor Link button widget. Can enter links using node title. Can also be configured to add links to Media entities.
Twig Tweak
Views Bulk Operations (VBO)


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Examples for Developers
Twig Tweak

Curious About

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Default Content
Devel Kint Extras There seem to be a couple of ways of using Kint. Haven’t tried this one. Article: How to Print Variables using Devel and Kint in Drupal
Hux Allows hook implementation as module plugin. Info post: A modern alternative to Hooks
In Other Words Provides field formatters for presenting lists of items in a more grammatical way and for condensing sequential lists into shorter text. Blueprints Nice YouTube overview: Blueprints in 7 minutes
Structure Sync
Taxonomy Views Integrator Article: How to Customize Taxonomy Terms Pages?