Site Creation

I’m almost always creating Drupal sites with DDEV, now. The DDEV quickstart guide has everything you need to get started (see below). I’ve scripted additional steps for how I like my sites configured. Check the scripts for details (they’re fairly readable).

Articles / Info

Using DDEV

  • DDEV Drupal Quickstart
  • (GitHub link)
    A script for automating the creation of Drupal 10 sites in DDEV. It’s a refactored version of the Drupal 9 site creation script, and has options for creating a plain or development site.
  • (GitHub link)
    A script for automating the DDEV quickstart for Drupal 9 sites. It also does some basic configuration like adding common modules.
  • (GitHub link)
    Creates a Drupal site with additional development modules installed.
  • See also the DDEV section: Notes > DDEV